→​​​​​​​ We created Logo and Visual Identity for one of the pioneering biotechnology companies in Brazil, SuperBAC. The alliance between humanity's technological advances and nature was the great creative path for this brand. We sought in organic forms, which refer to the origins of every living being, the answers to a new and distinctive symbol, which stands out from the competition, instigating and generating curiosity. In its language, we bring a vibrant and fantastic biotechnology, with curves and textures inspired by the different world of bacteria, which assume several functions: nourish, wash, save etc. The typography evokes science and efficiency with right and rational angles to promote the encounter of nature with technology.
Branding, 2019
Ana Couto
Camila Engel, Danilo Cid, Fernanda Salgado, Giovana Caboclo, Lucas Rodrigues, Tuna Maia, Stefano Arpassy.

2020 — Brasil Design Award, Branding

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