Sesc Verão 2022

→ ​​​​​​​We were invited by Sesc’s Art Management Department to develop the visual language for the for the 27th edition of Sesc Verão, with the slogan – Leisure taken seriously – inviting people to think about the importance of leisure in their daily lives. Our investigation started by searching for graphic elements that could represent the activities at the event. From there, and inspired by the movement and transformation that the experience promotes, we explored different compositions between the shapes. Combined with a vibrant color palette and neutral typography, the dozens of patterns allow each piece to have its particularity and keep the identity always integrated and fresh. Following the project’s energy, the current logo was updated, highlighting the year 2022 and enhancing its presence throughout the visual identity, something new from previous edition.
Visual Identity, 2022

Gustavo Garcia, Lucas Rodrigues

Sesc / Matheus Jose Maria / Thais Rodrigues / Rejane Pereira

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