BK' - O Líder em Movimento

→ ​​​​​​​Visual identity developed for the third studio album of BK ', rapper of great name in the national scene. The album features strong themes related to the racial struggle. The Leader in Movement narrates the trajectory of a black leader who, despite wanting to strengthen his own community, has egoic and megalomaniacal moments until he noticed that a people united through the horizontalization of power is a more motivated people and, therefore, stronger to fight for the changes they aim for. To complement the concept of the album, we brought great references from the height of the racial movements of the 60s in the United States, joining a documental and activist aesthetic to contemplate the necessary maturity.​​​​​​​
Visual Identity — Cover Art, 2020
Abebe Bikila, El Lif Beatz, João Victor Medeiros, Lucas Rodrigues, Marcelo Lima, Padrão, Roberta Campos.

2021 — Latin American Design Awards, Graphic Design
2021 — Brasil Design Awards, Graphic Design

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