→ ​​​​​​​Visual identity and packaging for a non-alcoholic beer* that inspires people to live more possibilities. NOON is the first Brazilian brewery of ZX Ventures Brasil, an Ambev fund for innovation and acceleration, 100% dedicated to producing non-alcoholic beers*. Its innovative fermentation process guarantees the taste and freshness of a premium beer. NOON’s self-confident, lightweight essence comes to life in the visual identity, which starts with a simple, yet confident logo. The shape of the letter O works as part of the visual architecture, outlining its symbol or organizing elements and masking photographs. Two expressive typefaces (Graf and Plakat) were chosen to interact with minimalist compositions and complete the visual system.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Branding — Packaging, 2021
Gustavo Garcia, Lucas Rodrigues, Renata Monteiro.

3D modeling:
Danilo Garcia.

Mirar — Attila Piologo, Fani Amarante, Felipe Julian, Isabela Ahrends, Isabella Jannotti, Mayra Pereira, Paulo Rodrigues, Pedro Henrique Gomes, Priscilla Leker, Sophia Holzmeister.

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