→ Levorin is a 70-year-old Brazilian brand, specializing in motorcycle and bicycle tires, and recently acquired by the Michelin group. In order to mobilize the entire ecosystem, we created an iconic Brand that engages the entire chain to the end consumer talking about urban mobility. This is because “two wheels”, more than means of locomotion, represent a different way of moving and living the city. After much research, we understand the need for a Brand and Visual Identity that would represent users and be literal in their understanding. We used the letter "o" right in the middle of the word to bring the tire and designed a versatile logo, which can be mutant and animated, without falling into the clichés of the category.
Branding, 2019
Ana Couto
Adilson Jr., Beatriz Guarezi, Danilo Cid, Fernanda Salgado, Flora Canal, Lucas Rodrigues e Laís Cobra.

Logo refinement:
Fabio Haag (Fabio Haag Type).

2020 — Brasil Design Award, Branding

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