Festival Path

→ ​​​​​​​Festival Path is an annual event curated by relevant, inspiring and people-centered content, always seeking to instigate new paths and promote new thoughts. We developed the visual identity of the 2020/21 edition before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, even so, this language has always been designed to have a physical and digital impact. Bringing the concept of reflecting to find yourself, be it in the way of seeing, or in the way of thinking differently, language behaves bringing several sides of the same thing. The Festival's identity uses equities from the institutional brand Path and reinforces its position to bring trends and the best subjects to be discussed. There is not only one way to see, there are several paths. Keep find yourself.
Visual Identity, 2020
Ana Couto
Fernanda Salgado, Gabriel M. Ramos, Lucas Rodrigues

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