Brazilian Soccer Confederation (CBF)

→ Visual identity creation for the Brazilian Soccer Confederation, CBF. We show respect for the brand and history, bringing the new, without giving up the past. We kept the shape of the shield, as well as the cross in the center. The tracks gained movement and expanded to create new connections, expressing the swing and overcoming, on and off the field. The graphics are inspired by the work of the Brazilian artist Athos Bulcão, created from fragments of the shape of our shield. Our colors gain more strength and intensity, bringing more modernity to the Brand in digital media. The typography is composed of two fonts developed by Brazilians, which reinforces our best Brazilianness.
Branding, 2019
​Ana Couto
Adilson Jr., Ana Couto, André de Virgillis, Carolina Lins, Danilo Cid, Erika Pinheiro, Gabriel M. Ramos, Leonardo Moreira, Lucas Rodrigues, Luiz Felippe Netto, Rafael Torres, Stefano Arpassy, Suzana Graciosa.

2020 — Brasil Design Award, Branding
2020 — Brasil Design Award, Graphic Design

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