BuzzFeed Brasil

→ Visual identity and brand adaptation for BuzzFeed Brasil, recently acquired by the Flagcx group. In addition to being a platform where the internet assure information and fun with the famous Quizzes and Lists, BuzzFeed Brasil has become an entertainment platform that connects more than a half of the internet to Brands that wish to positively impact GenZs and Millennials. In a crowded universe, competition for attention is won by the heart, so, with a new positioning, the Brand has also reinvented itself. The visual language that already exists in its global version has been enhanced here with a new logo featuring "Brasil" as a typographic continuation of "BuzzFeed", the reinforcement of the recognized diagonal stripes, a consistent use of gradients and new badges with Brazilian memetics expressions that approximate the pop content of your target.
Visual Identity, 2021
Ananda Pires, Lucas Rodrigues, Raphael Pavan.

Logo refinement:
Daniel Sabino (Blackletra).

Sound Design:

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