BuzzFeed Brasil

→ Visual identity and brand adaptation for BuzzFeed Brasil, recently acquired by the Flagcx group. In addition to being a platform where the internet assure information and fun with the famous Quizzes and Lists, BuzzFeed Brasil has become an entertainment platform that connects more than a half of the internet to Brands that wish to positively impact GenZs and Millennials. In a crowded universe, competition for attention is won by the heart, so, with a new positioning, the Brand has also reinvented itself. The visual language that already exists in its global version has been enhanced here with a new logo featuring "Brasil" as a typographic continuation of "BuzzFeed", the reinforcement of the recognized diagonal stripes, a consistent use of gradients and new badges with Brazilian memetics expressions that approximate the pop content of your target.
Visual Identity, 2021
Ananda Pires, Lucas Rodrigues, Raphael Pavan.

Daniel Sabino (Blackletra).

Sound Design:

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