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→ To democratize access to nerd, geek and pop culture on the periphery of São Paulo, PerifaCon was born in 2019, the first Comic Con in the favelas. With crowdfunding and no registration fee, the event was attended by approximately 7,000 people. The long-awaited sequel to the event was scheduled to happen in 2020, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it needed to be postponed. To continue the project the second edition was perfomed only in the digital universe with live and recorded content, in addition to promoting the Black Cosplayers contestt, all of this for free. The visual identity project started from the idea of decentralizing the content that the event produces, always expanding to extremes, in addition to constantly reverberating the strength of the periphery people in the nerd, geek and pop scene.
Visual Identity, 2021
Igor Nogueira, Lucas Rodrigues.

Jeferson Delgado.

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